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Guest introduction
Cao Xiaoqin
Deputy director, Ph.D., associate professor, master tutor of the Department of Industrial Design, He Xiangning Art and Design College, Zhongkai Agricultural Engineering College.
Focus on user research, product innovation, and service design. Has more than ten years of industrial design and user experience work experience.
Zhao Bi
Founder & CEO of Cloud Nest Consultant and Design Agency, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangdong Industrial Design Innovation Service Alliance, one hundred young people in China’s design industry, and ten outstanding young people in Guangdong’s design industry
Ten years of innovative product development experience has incubated five high-growth brands from zero to one in succession, two of which have now achieved sales of over 100 million yuan.
Zhou Peng
Cloud Nest consultant and design agency VP
Having nearly a decade of industrial design management experience in well-known global top 500 companies such as Samsung China Design Institute, Philips Asia Research Institute and Honeywell China R&D Center.
Yin Hao
Cloud Nest consultant and design agency partner
Former Heyi Brand Design Consultant Partner, 12 years of brand design history, participated in more than 100 brand image creation and remodeling projects, good at cultural and creative product development, visual design, digital design, brand integration and communication Design, rich cross-industry and cross-domain design experience
Li Qi
Founder & Chairman of Hangzhou Ruide Design Co., Ltd., Vice President of China Industrial Design Association, President of Hangzhou Industrial Design Association, the first batch of senior industrial designers in China, top ten outstanding Chinese design industry Youth, China's top ten outstanding planning experts
Graduated from Zhejiang University in 1995 majoring in industrial design. His graduation design work "Fangtai Range Hood" became the first case of successful industrialization of China's industrial design graduation work. Since the establishment of Ruide Design in 1999, he has led the team to complete more than 2,000 design projects, creating more than 300 billion business value, and successfully transformed Ruide Design into China's top commercial innovative comprehensive design company. Serve Fangtai Kitchenware for 23 years, Sinopec for 14 years, and China Expressway Service Area for 11 years...Deeply plowing China's industrial innovation, focusing on the deep integration of design and industry, and creating business miracles with design. Leading the company to be successfully listed on the New Third Board, "Phoenix Weekly" hailed as "China's industrial design pioneer", and was recognized by the "National Industrial Design Center". During the two sessions in 2018, he received an in-depth report on the "Designed Miracle" of CCTV's economy for half an hour. From 2009 to 2018, the Tenth Reed Excellent Graduation Design Invitational Competition was held consecutively to save a new generation of young power for Chinese industrial design; in September 2018, "Ah! Design-China Design IP Festival" was launched.
Jin Changbao
Co-founder of Hangzhou Ruide Design Co., Ltd., the international judge of the German iF Design Award, the first batch of senior industrial designers in Zhejiang Province, the top ten designers in China, the director of the China Industrial Design Association, Zhejiang Industry Vice President of Design Association, Director of China Fashion Color Association, Vice President of Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Association
Specializing in industrial design for 25 years, devoted to consumer psychology research, has a number of design patents, and won many design awards at home and abroad, such as Red Dot, iF, American IDEA, "Golden Wisdom Award" The leading design of Fangtai A-type machine, Q-type machine, European-style machine, near-suction range hood, sink dishwasher has epoch-making significance for Chinese kitchen appliances enterprises. Leading Reed design product design team to win nearly one hundred international design awards, becoming Fang Tai's 21-year royal design team, and has never stopped design exploration and innovation, the service field extends from kitchen appliances to bathroom, industry, home, medical, pet, beauty Makeup...
Wu Zhan
General Manager of the Design Division of Ruide Design Space, top ten industrial design elites in Hangzhou, winners of multiple German Red Dot Awards and iF Awards,
20 years of experience, spanning industrial design, brand consulting, retail design and other fields, more than 500 senior brand retail space experience design senior training instructor. Leading the R&D Design Space design team to develop SI system construction standards for Fangtai, Supor, Sanhe, Aopu, Sinopec Easy, Netease and other industry leading brands, and continue to lead the industry in terminal transformation for 20 years.
Guo Xian
General manager of Ruide Design Brand Planning and Design Division, senior brand planning and design expert
16 years of experience in the brand industry, constantly exploring and deconstructing the relationship between design and business, leading the Reed Design brand planning team to actively explore the ability to interpret commercial projects, and innovatively create "product power, brand power, "Communication" integrated brand service model. He has served many well-known brands such as China FAW, Sinopec Easyjet, Jiuyang Group, Yuetai Hailong, Chint Group, Mercat, Colorful Yunnan, etc., and teamed up to help the brand to create a super visual design case with a market offensive strategy. !
Wang Pei
Deputy general manager of the product design business department of Ruide Design, an excellent young designer in China, has won the Red Dot Award and iF Award many times
Lead product design team to carry out design exploration and innovation in kitchen, bathroom, industry, home, beauty, pet, medical and other fields, and integrate technology and design, based on market demand, through high efficiency Innovate to achieve products from 0 to 1, to create the core competitiveness of products for customers.
Li Yanzhi
Early graduated in interior design. He has worked in several well-known American companies as designer and design management positions. He has advanced international design concepts, excellent product design capabilities, trend analysis and transformation capabilities. , Have a deep and unique understanding of European and American markets and design. Ms. Li Yanzhi joined the designer team at the beginning of Deke Chuangyi's entry into the Chinese market, focusing on international home trend forecasting, market dynamic analysis, design concept research, home products and display design, and interacting with the world's top trend companies all year round The cooperation is well received and praised by many customers at home and abroad. Ms. Li Yanzhi's keen sense of trends and her ability to transform have made her become a home trend consultant for several major retailers in the United States.
Jorg van den Hoven South American Dragon
China-Dutch Orange Brand Consulting (Netherlands) Co., Ltd., founder and CEO; Netherlands China-Europe Brand Development Joint Center, chairman
As the founder and CEO of Zhonghe Orange Brand Consulting Co., Ltd., Mr. South America continues to exert his entrepreneurial spirit and has more than 20 in business, government diplomacy, innovation strategy and brand consulting and design. Years of experience. In 1998, Mr. South American Dragon established his first team in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. On this basis, he continued to grow and develop, and established the China-Dutch Orange Consulting Company in China, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong. In 2005, Mr. South American Dragon relocated the company's headquarters to Wuxi and Shanghai, China, and operated a 1,000-person electronic product factory here. Since 2007, Mr. South America has been based in Guangzhou. In 2009, he served as Deputy Minister of Commerce of the Dutch Consulate General in Guangzhou. With 15 years of strategy and business experience in China, South America has successfully positioned the company as a consulting agency specializing in brand building and innovation strategies, while providing products ranging from product innovation to "omni-channel retail" or "new retail" experience. Innovative design services to help Chinese companies build high-end and luxury brands in Europe and the United States.
Peter Kersten Peter Kastans
Senior Orange Brand Consulting (Netherlands) Co., Ltd. Senior Brand Consultant
Peter Kersten was the general manager of marketing communications at Canon’s European headquarters. Canon is a well-known Japanese camera and office automation brand, and its European headquarters is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. During this period, Mr. Peter Kersten withdrew from Canon for 4 years and served as a customer director in a design agency involving multiple industries. His last tenure at Canon was the general manager of brand and design management at Canon Corporate Strategy Center. With extensive experience working in a corporate environment, Mr. Peter Kersten became president of BNO, the Dutch Designers Association. Five years later, he resigned from BNO and became an honorary member and ambassador of BNO. In addition to operating his own brand consulting company, Brand Sync, Mr. Peter Kersten also designs, manages and markets for companies, government agencies, and NGOs in Russia, China, Poland, Colombia, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, South Africa, Ghana, and India. , Market communication and brand building issues. In addition, he often speaks at international conferences.
Li Yichao
President of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group, Executive Vice President of Shenzhen Industrial Design Association, visiting professor at Jiangnan University School of Design, judge member of Taiwan Golden Point Design Award, product strategy and industry solution innovation expert
Has more than ten years of dual experience in product innovation and innovation management. He has been selected for the Guanghua Longteng Award·Chinese Design Young Hundred People List many times, and his personal and team works have won more than 20 design awards at home and abroad. Continue to explore the new boundary between product innovation and group business development, and lay a number of milestones for the development of Rococo:
In 2010, Shenzhen Rococo Industrial Design Co., Ltd., the first branch of Rococo, was established, and it quickly developed into a highly competitive design agency in South China, opening Rococo Group Era of development, and take the lead in building a new design method system of "design + R&D + supply chain", integrating industrial design profession with engineering design, hardware and software R&D, and production management into a new design method with product innovation as the goal. The achievements of the design extend from "plan" to "product";
In 2016, it proposed to build a "track-based" development strategy, and comprehensively upgrade industrial design, brand design, interaction design, and service design to "new species design", "new consumer design", and "new "Internet of Things Design" and "New Retail Design" upgrade the product innovation business from professional differentiation to industry and field differentiation, bringing deeper and more comprehensive product innovation value to customers;
In 2019, explore the innovation paradigm of digital products, build a "PIM data center" system, combine Rococo and even more industry leaders to promote the construction of a digitally driven social product innovation platform, and face The industry has settled and implemented digital and intelligent solutions for products, and is committed to building an innovative underlying operating system in the digital business era.
Zhou Shikun
Managing Partner of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group, CEO of Rococo Design, General Manager of Rococo Investment Company, Partner of Coco Pine Fund
Have a bachelor’s degree in industrial design (level 98) from Hunan University and a master’s degree in business administration from Tsinghua University.
Graduated in 2002 and joined CECW, China’s leading communications R&D institution, as one of the earliest mobile phone designers in China. In 2004, it became the world’s leading mobile phone R&D institution Dexin Wireless (NASDAQ) : CNTF) Design Director, providing product design and interactive design services for global well-known brands such as NEC, Panasonic, Motorola, Nokia, and Siemens. Familiar with the product innovation development process, good at capturing and realizing potential needs. Joined Rococo for 15 years to promote Rococo's capitalization and build a future-oriented design ecology. Currently focusing on consumer and VC investment in the TMT field, investment projects include: Yu Pan Intelligence, Xiao Gotong, accompanying technology, programming cat, He Blade Technology, Guangjian Technology, Insight Technology, etc.
Li Fancong
Managing Partner of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group, General Manager of Beijing Rococo Design, General Manager of Rococo Artificial Intelligence Business Group
Has rich experience in innovative design and consulting in the field of integration of technological innovation and design innovation, and has comprehensive solution capabilities in consulting, design, research and development, engineering and other fields in the field of AIoT. The beast company provides innovative design and consulting services, and has won many international design awards such as Reddot, iF, IDEA, and G-Mark.
Deng Zemao
General Manager of R&D Supply Chain Platform, expert of product development and supply chain management, Vice President of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group
Founder of Rococo Rockock R&D and Supply Chain, with nearly 30 years of experience in product R&D, mold development, factory management and supply chain management, a group R&D and supply chain team has been formed to optimize R&D and The supply chain service process has extremely strong resource integration capabilities. Provide customers with a one-stop solution from product development to manufacturing, and escort the product from design to landing. He has strong leadership skills, is familiar with the overall operation and management of the enterprise, and has advanced management concepts and strategic vision. It has a wide range of customer resources and social resources, and has successfully served high-quality customers such as Sichuan Aerospace, China Aerospace, Forbidden City Museum, HKUST Xunfei, Meituan, Beidou, Tongrentang, Jusha Medical, Nestlé, Tencent, CCTV and a large number of startups.
Participation in major projects:
1.55 degree cup design + R&D supply chain production project;
2. Keda Xun Fei Xiao Translator Design + R&D Supply Chain Production Project;
3. Tencent Lubao box design + R&D supply chain project;
4. Forbidden City Museum Super IP build;
5. China Aerospace, Sichuan Aerospace series project design + R&D supply chain;
Olga Sismanidou
Co-founder and art director of Mi Luoku Design
I have provided international projects such as interior design, product design, window display, and styling design for Gucci, Dior, Versace, Sony, Vodafone, HP, Swatch and other first-line brands. Her design method is artistic and sensual, always trying to break the boundaries, recreate space and products, and create a new world that combines imagination and reality. She is passionate about display and trend forecasting, constantly researching consumer needs and future trends. Her goal is to bring happiness to people's daily lives and contribute to a beautiful and beautiful world through design.
Enhance the added value of products, assist enterprises in transformation and upgrading
The design forums, PDC co-organized with the chambers of commerce, are divided into six parts: international market, industry summit, brand marketing, fashion trends, design innovation and technology development.
With these, we can not only provide a platform to the buyers, brands and designers to reach the related industries accurately, but also give them a chance to exchange new ideas, share their stories and analyze the trends. It's a great opportunity to enchance the added-value of products, and promote industrial transformation and upgrade.
PDC invites participated designers and enterprises to join in the networking dinner, to promote their understanding with each other and to explore more cooperation opportunities.
PDC Design Night, a signature exchange activity organized by PDC, aims at enhancing understanding, integrating resources, promoting design, and strengthening cooperation between domestic/international design companies and exhibiting enterprises in Canton Fair. It has become one of the most influential events during the fair period. With strong connection and network resources, PDC Design Night has formed close partnerships with Xiaoman, MINISO, StarOkay (a celebrity e-commerce platform), Greek Agricultural Products Asian Promotion Center, the CCCMC, China Chamber of Commerce for I/E of Light Industry Products & Arts-Crafts. And it has invited over a hundred international design companies, leading enterprises in industries, the consulates in GuangZhou, and the mainstream media to participate in this event, in order to create cross-industry interaction and communication.
During the Canton Fair, PDC organizes design forums. focusing on the latest trends, design innovation and brand marketing. With discussion on innovative ideas and case analysis, professionals analyze and make forecast on popular trends, and share experience on design-driven trade and upgrade.
Beside the Canton Fair, PDC also focuses on foreign trade industry bases and promotes communication between designers and China’s foreign trade companies so as to facilitate the business. PDC cooperates with industry bases and hold various matching events for manufacturers and designers. We collect enterprises’ design needs and invite designers at home and abroad to visit these industry bases so as to share the latest design concepts and promote cooperations between them. PDC also holds matchmaking meetings to upgrade the cooperation between two ends.
So far, PDC has successfully provided service for Chaozhou Wedding Dress Industrial Base (Guanghzou) , Pinghu Cases & Bags Industrial Base (Zhejiang) and other bases in Nanjing and Jiangsu. An array of praise from the industry has been received over the effective matchmakings.
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